Celebrating midwives

Thursday, 5 May 2016

ACU midwives-Helen-Barrington ACU midwife Helen Barrington: "For many of the people I work with, I become part of the family".

ACU midwives share their experiences in honour of the International Day of Midwifery.

It’s International Day of Midwifery: a day to acknowledge the hard work of our graduates who are making a difference in the community. We’ve spoken to some of ACU’s Alumni, who have shared their stories and some of the things they love about being midwives.

“I love being a midwife because I love working with women. The satisfaction that comes from building relationships with women and supporting them through their joy or sorrow is indescribable. Midwifery to me is more than a job, it's a calling.” Emma Shipton, Bachelor of Midwifery 2011

“I love being a midwife because I see the benefit to women having a known care provider in pregnancy – they feel empowered, listened to and supported in their journey to motherhood.” Laura Beimers, Bachelor of Midwifery 2009

“I love being a midwife because I love being a part of the journey families go on when they welcome a tiny human into their lives. The transition from woman to mother, and from couple to family never fails to amaze me and I love being able to help them become confident in their new roles.” Laura Wilkinson, Bachelor of Midwifery 2015

“I just love working with women and families.  I particularly love Childbirth Education and working with pregnant women and preparing them for birth and parenting.  It’s just so rewarding.  For many of the people I work with, I become part of the family – it’s just so lovely.” Helen Barrington, Bachelor of Midwifery 2005

“I love my job because I have the honour of supporting vulnerable young women, refugees and Indigenous women to be empowered through their birth experience. I advocate for women who have no voice to be able to have the birth that meets their needs and desires.” Tessa Clark, Bachelor of Midwifery 2014

“Happy International Midwives Day to all the incredible midwives out there!   Our job is unique in that we are welcomed into the most sacred moments of the human experience. We have the most amazing job in the world!” Joy Gemmell-Smith, Bachelor of Midwifery 2013

“Being a midwife is such an incredibly rewarding, challenging and beautiful career. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching women become mothers, couples become parents and welcoming beautiful babies into the world.” Lauren Adshead, Bachelor of Midwifery 2014

“Midwifery offers an amazing and rewarding career, supporting and advocating for women and their families through some of life’s greatest yet most challenging and vulnerable moments. My goal is for every mother to leave my care having had a positive experience and feeling as confident and prepared as possible for the incredible journey of motherhood.” Kate Gleeson, Bachelor of Midwifery 2015

“I love working in partnership and empowering women to achieve outcomes they thought impossible.” Stephanie Cassar, Bachelor of Midwifery 2012

"I love being a midwife. I love sharing that emotional journey with the women and their families, sharing tears of joy and sometimes sadness as well as helping to educate and prepare them for the arrival of their beautiful baby." Katrina Hosking, Bachelor of Midwifery 2012

“I love working in partnership with women at such a special time in their lives. As midwives we care for women with wisdom and warmth, through laughter and tears, the triumphs and challenges. All of it the rich tapestry of childbearing, and I am proud and privileged to be a part of it.” Jennifer Britton, Bachelor of Midwifery 2011

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