Broadway beckons and ACU helps Imogen achieve her dreams

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Talented dancer Imogen Dolan supported by ACU

Talented dancer Imogen Dolan is being supported by our Elite Athlete and Performer Program.

“It sounds a bit cheesy, but my main goal is to end up on Broadway. I love musical theatre and how it combines my love of singing and acting with dance. I really look up to Sutton Foster and take a lot of my inspiration when dancing from her.”

This is the dream of Imogen Dolan, a first year Speech Pathology student from Brisbane, who has grand ambitions and the support of Australian Catholic University (ACU) to chase them.

Elite performers, whether athletes or artists, often require support to maintain their excellence while studying at university. ACU’s Elite Athlete and Performer Program (EAPP) helps and encourages students to manage both areas of their lives to ensure that elite student performers achieve their goals.

ACU National Elite Athlete and Performer Program Officer Ceran Nilsen said that this year there are more than 300 students in the program and they range from Olympians and top footballers to dancers, jump rope skippers and cheerleaders.

“We can offer students some financial support and work with them to meet the demands of their academic schedule.  We help these students manage their timetable and provide flexibility around the timing of their assessments and exams,” she said.

“We are committed to helping elite performers achieve academic excellence while they are also pursuing their other dreams.”

Imogen heard about EAPP at an ACU Open Day and was intrigued.

“I was really impressed that ACU is so accommodating for not only athletes, but performers whose commitment to the arts is never really recognised by most people,” Imogen said.

“I've never been given any assistance or leniency when it comes to my dance commitments, so having a group of people who understand that I am an athlete and performer, and get that I have competitions and less time to do uni work, is really great.

“I'm actually doing first year over two years so I can spend time focusing on my dancing as well as studying. EAPP also helped me to defer an exam that clashes with one of my competitions.

“I feel really supported at ACU, I really like the small 'community' environment and the fact that I can always talk to my lecturers and they know me by name - it is a lot like my high school.”

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