ACU saddles up with Steer North

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Steer North health ACU education ACU public health student Amy Hatherall will be part of the 2016 Steer North Ride

Australian Catholic University is teaming up with health charity Steer North as the official Academic Partner of the 2016 Steer North Ride.

Cyclists will embark on a 4,000km cycling journey from Melbourne to Cairns for the 2016 Steer North Ride. Steer North is a health promotion charity whose purpose is to advance health and education by inspiring and empowering people to live healthy and active lives.

The ride, which begins in December and will last 45 days, will see Steer North in conjunction with ACU deliver health promotional events and sessions in each community they pass through.

Given ACU’s proud history as one of the county’s leading health education providers in nursing, and more recently in allied health, exercise science, and public health, Faculty of Health Sciences Executive Director Professor Michelle Campbell saw the partnership with Steer North as a natural fit.

“At ACU we are proud of our position as a leader in health education and promotion in the community, so to partner with Steer North to take that message of healthy living to all parts of Australia is a fantastic opportunity,” Professor Campbell said.

“This collaboration will enhance our shared goals in promoting exercise and health in the wider community.”

ACU will assist the Steer North riders as they pass through Sydney on their way from Melbourne to Cairns as part of the 2016 Steer North Ride. The University will provide them with food and accommodation at Mary MacKillop Place, just next door to ACU’s North Sydney campus.

The partnership between ACU and Steer North originates from second year public health student Amy Hatherall. The 22-year-old is the chair of the Steer North Ride community engagement committee, working with the communities the ride will pass through to hold fundraising and education events.

It was Amy’s involvement with Steer North that saw several of her fellow public health students and academic staff became involved in the preparations for December’s ride. To see the relationship develop into a major partnership was beyond her wildest expectations.

“I’m amazed how everything has come together, with ACU showing a fantastic level of faith and support in what we’re trying to achieve with the Steer North Ride,” Amy said.

“In my time at ACU there has always been an emphasis placed on giving back to the community, so to see the University make such a commitment to the Steer North Ride is something special.”

The ride starts in Melbourne on 3 December and finishes on 16 January 2017 in Cairns. For more information about the 2016 Steer North Ride visit the website