10 great apps for uni students

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

10 great apps for uni

The Good Universities Guide has the inside word on the apps you need this semester.

You probably have your phone, tablet or laptop with you at most times, so why not take advantage of the many apps available? Check out the apps that will help you with your studies, keep to your student budget or even make the most of your student lifestyle.

  1. Fetchnotes

    This app is designed for task management, allowing you to keep track of your notes and thoughts by assigning hashtags. For example, you could create an ”exam” tag for your study notes or assign a ”read” tag to your reminders to complete your set readings. You can share your notes with friends and access them wherever you go – whether it’s by text, email or on your computer.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

  2. Notability

    Notability allows you to type or handwrite notes, sketch illustrations, and annotate documents. The app is linked to Google Drive and Dropbox, so you can easily import and export files. It also allows you to record audio – so you don’t have to worry about missing out on key information while you’re taking notes in lectures! The best part is that your notes are linked to the audio recording, which helps you determine the context of the notes you’ve taken or jump to a specific part of the lecture by clicking on a section of your notes.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad – $9.99.

  3. Evernote

    Ever wanted to note something down and not had access to a paper and pen? Your phone probably already has an inbuilt note-taking function, but Evernote provides so much more. You can attach images and audio to your notes, add your location, and search through your notes for keywords at the click of a button (including text that appears in images). This means you can take photos of class handouts, search for keywords in the handout image, write your own summaries, carry your notes on your phone for viewing at any time, and sync them with your computer – the possibilities are endless.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

  4. SimpleMind+ (mind mapping)

    Mind maps are a great study tool if you’re a visual learner. They allow you to brainstorm ideas for essays and projects, create a broad overview of a subject when studying for exams and help you make connections between different ideas that you may not have thought of before.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

  5. Uni Calculator

    If you’re having a pre-exam freak out, this app provides a quick snapshot of how you’re going in that semester and tells you exactly what marks you need to pass each subject. You can keep track of all your assessments and see your current grades based on the assessments you’ve already.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

  6. Mental Case – Flashcards for the Serious Student

    Upcoming exams? You’ll always be prepared with the Mental Case app, which allows you to create your own flashcards for your phone. You can even record audio and add images from your photo library. You can transfer them to your computer or laptop for use at home.

    Availability: iPhone – $7.99.

  7. Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus

    Provides millions of English definitions, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins. Also offers a translation service, a Word of the Day, a crossword solver, and more for students and non-students alike. Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.
  8. Free Wi-Fi Finder

    If you like to get out of the house to study (or you’re on a tight budget with your phone plan), Free Wi-Fi Finder allows you to scout out nearby hotspots offering free wi-fi access. You can also filter results by location type (such as cafés and libraries), bookmark your favourite locations, and look up contact details.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

  9. My Weekly Budget

    This app is great if you want to keep track of your spending or save up for something special. My Weekly Budget allows you to set a budget target for the week and track your day-to-day spending to make sure you stay within your set budget. You can quickly see how much of your weekly budget you have left and monitor your spending habits to work out where your money is going.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad – $1.49, Android – $0.99.

  10. The Happiest Hour

    This app allows you to search for ”happy hour” deals at nearby pubs, bars, and restaurants, guaranteeing a cheap night out if you’re on a budget. You can use the map to look for nearby venues and browse through beer, wine, cocktail, and food deals.

    Availability: iPhone/iPad/Android – free.

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