Top 10 reasons to hire a psych grad

Friday, 13 November 2015

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Psychology in its broadest terms is the study of the human mind and human behaviour.

That means psychology graduates have bucket loads of highly desirable qualities for just about any business.

We have narrowed it to the top 10 reasons you should hire a psych grad:

  1. They can read minds


    Okay not really but I got your attention! Psychology undergraduates are taught how to look carefully at behaviour and are exposed to basic principles such as motivation, learning, thinking, sensation, and perception. They can predict and understand the behavior of individuals and groups. Talk about good people skills!

  2. They come armed with great communication skills


    You cannot make it through a psych degree without some strong communication skills. Grads must be able to write research reports and essays and demonstrate they can contribute to a group discussion, take part in debates and deliver a presentation.

  3. They have mad research skills


    Every psych grad must be able to frame research questions, undertake literature searches, critically analyse theoretical and empirical studies, formulate testable hypotheses, operationalise variables, choose an appropriate research methodology, analyse data and interpret results and write research reports. That was a lot of syllables to say a psych grad is a research master.

  4. Teamwork is their bread and butter


    Speaking of teams – psych grads are team players all the way. Teams need players who can absorb, understand, and consider ideas and points of view from other people without debating and arguing every point. Team players also receive criticism without reacting defensively and team members need the discipline to listen first and speak second so that meaningful dialogue results. All skills psych grads have in spades.

  5. Can spot something dodgy a mile away

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    These people are critical thinkers. To get their degree they have to question claims that arise from myth, stereotype, pseudoscience or untested assumptions and recognise and defend against the major fallacies of human thinking. Defend against the major fallacies of human thinking! These people are not easily fooled. The ability to think clearly and critically is something we all need in the workplace. Am I right?

  6. Cool as cucumbers


    Psych grads are great at coping with stress and difficult situations. Their classes often directly address problems people are dealing with like sleep deprivation, stress, family relationships and addiction. Learning about the the principles of memory, reinforcement, and behaviour modification gives them plenty of tools to manage challenging situations.

  7. Eat problems for breakfast

    Sherlock Holmes

    Problem solving is all about recognising what is wrong, figuring out the solution, implementing that solution and following through. Psych grads have been applying these processes constantly during their study. Every test, essay, presentation, interview and experiment is an exercise in problem solving.

  8. Can take the measure of a man or woman

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    Measuring attitudes, behaviour, personality, performance or ability is so important for business. If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it. Understanding the psychology of your employees is vital in getting the most out of them. Psychological principles, when applied in organisations, help managers to deal with staff fairly, make jobs interesting and satisfying, and motivate employees to higher levels of productivity. So why don’t you already have a psych grad on staff?

  9. See through the red tape

    Red tape

    Psych grads must have demonstrated their ability to work within legislative frameworks. Before they step into their first practical experience privacy and human rights legislation must be understood and adhered to. They are used to working under strict ethical guidelines. So they know how important rules and regulations are and can work effectively within them.

  10. Flexibility is their middle name

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    A person who gets locked into a set way of doing things finds it difficult or impossible to adjust. They are a drag on a business as opposed to an asset for it. Psych grads must be able to go with the flow. They are used to dealing with varying personalities and ways of learning. As we said above they have fantastic coping skills and can deal with change effectively.

Psych grads are some of the most skilled, adaptable and resourceful graduates that a company could hire, what are you waiting for?

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By Professor John Gleeson, Dr Carina Chan and Dr Jeffrey Rogers