Much more than a university

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Courtney Bonner writes that she had no doubts about choosing ACU when looking for the right university for her.

When choosing a university I had no doubt about Australian Catholic University (ACU). Being a relatively quiet learner, I was worried that I would get lost in the crowd of another larger institution. At ACU, quite the opposite has happened.

ACU recognises me as so much more than a student ID number. I am a person and so much more: I am that person who did well on their maths assignment, and the one who won’t stop emailing the theology lecturer with questions about the tutorial. It is impossible to walk down the corridor at uni without at least five people saying hi, or asking how you did on that 2,000 word essay you handed in last week. People know my face: my peers, lecturers, the Campus Minister, even the Campus Dean. At ACU, I am somebody.

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ACU is a community that provides a personal supportive environment with all of the opportunities of a larger university but with the personality of a loyal friend. The Canberra Campus has a little over 1,000 students. That’s smaller than my high school. This made my transition to uni seamless and I was supported every step of the way, from a “how to write an essay” class to a personal student mentor.

At ACU, I have been offered so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have even dreamt possible otherwise and I have completely flourished as a student, a soon-to-be teacher, and a person, as a result.

In this year alone I have had the opportunity to attend the ACU National Student Leadership Conference in Sydney, listen to incredible guest speakers, and meet my fellow students. The entire conference was centered on supporting students like me, with a passion to make a change, with the skill set and motivation to do so. I had the opportunity to meet so many aspirational ACU students from all around Australia, who I have kept in contact with.

With support from my course coordinator and placement officer, I completed my third-year primary practicum at a school in Southampton England. I have worked as a digital ambassador, supporting potential students and developing my passion for photography. And I have competed in nationwide photography competitions.

The thing that I like the most about ACU is that it is so much more than just a university. It is a community completely devoted to fostering people who will not only be influential in their future careers, but will change the world for the better.

Each and every one of my lecturers is passionate and influential; they inspire me to live out my dream of someday being a Primary School Teacher. Looking back at the opportunities I have been given over the past three years, I just know that 18-year old me got it right when I chose to study at ACU.

As clichéd as it sounds, my time at ACU has been some of the best years of my life, and as excited as I am to finish my degree at the end of next year and start working in a school, a piece of me doesn’t want to leave. Maybe I’ll have to come back and be a lecturer one day.

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