Adapt, respond, innovate and inspire: why Australia needs more artists

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dr Catherine Bell

National Course Director of the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design degree Dr Catherine Bell explains why we need more Visual Arts graduates.

Australia needs more artists because creative thinkers adapt, respond, innovate and inspire!

And these are capabilities that all employers are looking for.

Artists’ skills extend beyond the making of objects and images to be self-directed writers, designers, managers, events planners, curators, visionaries and community leaders.

Our visual arts students are well versed in visual and digital literacy, entrepreneurial in spirit and able to identify emergent opportunities.

Our graduates are prepared for the creative industries; they bring content to life in a multi-faceted local and global platform.

They have a good grounding in creative process that includes research, prototype, feedback, produce, and launch.

They have ownership of their intellectual property and understand and feel confident about how to contribute and create forums that influence culture.

These are capabilities that any employer values and seeks. Hence, studying art and design is the right move…. because creative thinkers adapt, respond, innovate and inspire!

See how one of Australia’s greatest artists Ben Quilty has done this throughout his career below.

Ben Quilty artist timeline