ACU’s John Paul II building wins national recognition

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

JPII building wins national recognition

Australian Catholic University (ACU) ends year on a positive note with national recognition of beautiful building on the Brisbane Campus.

ACU's stunning Saint John Paul II building (Building T) on the Brisbane Campus has won one of the nation’s highest building accolades, a Master Builders Australia award for excellence in building and construction.

The prestigious National Public Buildings Award - $10 million to $50 million follows wins at both the Queensland State and Brisbane City Awards.

ACU Associate Vice-Chancellor (Brisbane) Professor Jim Nyland said it is nice way to end 2015 with national recognition of what has been judged a flagship building in ACU’s Silver Jubilee year.

“The John Paul II Building is a spectacular construction that sets a new standard in modern university space,” said Professor Nyland.

“We wanted a building that would symbolise the next phase of campus growth and serve as an iconic example of ACU Brisbane’s commitment to inspiring engagement and collaboration for students, staff and graduates.

“The design is contemporary yet reverential to the existing heritage buildings on campus with open and inviting public spaces facilitating campus activities and contributing to the vitality of the place.

“The central commanding position expresses the building’s significance within the campus community.”

State-of-the art labs are being used for speech pathology, occupational therapy and other allied health services, and a student centre on the ground floor has created a hub for students.

Finished by Tomkins Commercial & Industrial Builders in November 2014, the building and surrounding landscaping was funded by the University at a cost of $25 million and was completed within two years.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the level of service, the productive relationship and the professionalism that we continue to enjoy with the Tomkins team,” Professor Nyland said.

Congratulations to the whole team from ACU and Tomkins who worked tirelessly to deliver an outstanding result.