ACU host Australian Bishops

Monday, 6 May 2013

ACU to host Australian Bishops

More than 50 members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference celebrated Mass at ACU.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) was privileged to welcome members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to Mass at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel, at the MacKillop (North Sydney) campus on Monday 6th May 2013.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is the assembly of the Bishops of Australia that exercises together their pastoral responsibility as Bishops from across  the 33 dioceses of Australia.  The President of the Conference is the Most Reverend Denis Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne. The ACBC which gathers twice a year, met for a week at Mary MacKillop Place. They celebrated Mass in ACU’s new chapel, consecrated in December.

ACU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Greg Craven said, “with up to 50 Bishops celebrating Mass on our North Sydney campus, this is a historic occasion for the University and demonstrates the strong link between the Bishops of Australia and the ACU community”.