Research into impact of floods on pregnant women

Thursday, 4 June 2015

The 2011 Queensland floods have left a lasting impact on many within our community.

To further explore the impacts Professor Sue Kildea (Professor of Midwifery) and her team at Mater Medical Research Institute (MMRI), in a partnership with Australian Catholic University (ACU), will conduct a study into the affects of the floods on pregnant women and their families. 

The primary aim of the study is to learn more about how a highly stressful event, such as a flood, might affect pregnant women, their unborn child and their child’s physical, behavioural and psychological development. 

To get a broad understanding of the effects of the Queensland floods on pregnancy the study is seeking women with a range of different experiences; from no impact, temporary inconveniences, right through to those who have had major and ongoing disruption to their lives. 

“We are also interested in looking more broadly at the affects on the wider family, particularly opinions about childrearing from different generations exposed to the 1974 and the 2011 Brisbane floods,” Professor Sue Kildea said.

“To help us with our study we are inviting women who were pregnant during the floods, and who are planning to give birth at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Brisbane, to contact us,” she said.

The study is being jointly funded by ACU, MMRI, and McGill University in Canada; where a similar study is underway. This is an international study involving researchers in Canada, United States of America, and Australia.