ACU to implement new Learning Management System

Thursday, 3 February 2011

27 January 2011: Australian Catholic University (ACU) has selected educational technology company Androgogic to help implement the new Learning Management Systems (LMS) Equella and Moodle.

Professor Anne Cummins, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching), said a special project team had conducted a thorough investigation of the products – with input from academics, students, and specialist technical and support areas across ACU.

“ACU was impressed with the holistic approach to the Online Learning Environment (OLE) architecture proffered by Androgogic,” Professor Cummins said.

“There is a strong expectation that by adopting this approach, the University will maximise opportunities to build on its existing online learning capability, and establish strong foundations for a functional, flexible and sustainable OLE that will support future requirements.”

Equella was selected as the Learning Content Management System, and Moodle as the Learning Management System.

Professor Cummins said the new OLE should be online with a restricted number of units for the winter semester 2011, and all units available by the beginning of 2012.