New ACU Chair to research Catholic education in the 21st century

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2 March 2010: A new national Chair in Identity and Curriculum in Catholic Education Campaign will be launched this month at Australian Catholic University (ACU).

The Chair will research responses to the demands of education in the 21st century from a Catholic perspective.

This research will then inform curriculum development, and identify the elements that underpin the essence of Catholic education.

Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor of ACU, said that preparing young people to face the ethical and moral dilemmas of the 21st century was one of the major challenges facing Catholic education today.

“We know that integrating the Catholic faith into the daily lives of our students grounds them with faith, values and knowledge to guide and support them throughout their lives,” he said. “For schools and universities to achieve this however, they must be well informed about the most effective ways of meeting the spiritual and educational needs of their students and communities.”

The new national Chair will identify how curriculum can be shaped and implemented, how it will be evaluated, and how its message and impact are conveyed – both for today’s generation and future generations.

Mike Byrne, Executive Director of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, said Catholic education should be responsive and forward-thinking.

“Research in this area will deliver strategies to inject Christian values, underpinned by Catholic tradition, into everyday learning,” he said.

Professor Marie Emmitt, Dean of Education at ACU, said she hoped that by working in partnership with the Catholic Education Offices, ACU could provide significant leadership to the whole sector.

“Questions are being asked nationally about the purposes and nature of schooling for the 21st century,” she said. “Catholic education has much to contribute if we have the research and knowledge at hand.”

Funding for research in the area of Identity and Curriculum in Catholic Education is substantial, and to date $1.125 million has been raised, however there is still some way to go.

More information, or to become a donor, please visit the Chair's website