I can fix homelessness... trust me

Friday, 23 April 2010

21 April 2010: Dr Gary Johns of Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Public Policy Institute (PPI) will explore the policy problems surrounding homelessness at a Sydney Convention Centre event next Tuesday.

A former minister in the Keating government and current Associate Professor of Public Policy, Dr Johns said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has promised to halve homelessness by 2020.

He questioned however whether he would be any more successful than former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who in 1987 promised that by 1990 "no Australian child will be living in poverty".

“In 1993 the Human Rights Commission conducted a national inquiry into the human rights of people with mental illness, which confirmed that homeless people suffer a high rate of physical and mental health problems,” Dr Johns said.

“In 2001 the rate of homelessness was 53 per 10,000 of the population and in 2006 it was exactly the same.

“Last year the Rudd Government promised to halve overall homelessness and offer supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who need it by 2020 – but does he have the tools to do the job?

“We have been down this road before.”

The breakfast presentation, entitled I can fix homelessness… trust me, will be hosted by the Eidos Institute Board and held on Tuesday 27 April 2010 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For more details and to book visit www.eidos.org.au