ACU launches Master of Social Work

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

17 September 2009: Australian Catholic University (ACU) has launched its newest postgraduate degree, the Master of Social Work.

The Master of Social Work focuses on the professional values and practices of the social work profession, with a strong commitment to ethical practice, human rights and social justice. It will be available from 2010 at the Universitys Canberra, Brisbane and Strathfield campuses.

The course prepares students to practice in a wide range of social work roles in both direct and indirect practice including:

  • counselling casework and case management
  • social policy and planning
  • research and evaluation
  • community development
  • administration

Dr Patricia Hansen, Head of the School of Social Work, commented on the need for a Masters program.

There is a growing trend in the social work industry for universities to offer a Master of Social Work as a qualification to enter the profession and become members of the Australian Association of Social Workers, she said.

Some students will come into the course with more life and work experience before being exposed to the sometimes confronting circumstances a career in social work can bring.

The two-year program includes 1000 hours of practical experience in the form of two block placements. Through supervised practice, students will be introduced to agency work and procedures, effective practice and the dilemmas facing social workers.

ACU will continue to offer undergraduate courses in social work including a Bachelor of Social Work (Strathfield, Brisbane and Canberra), Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Theology (Strathfield, Brisbane and Canberra) and the Bachelor of Social Work/Bachelor of Arts (Strathfield and Brisbane).

Graduates of ACUs Master of Social Work will be eligible for membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).