World renowned globalisation specialist speaks at ACU

Thursday, 6 March 2008

4 March 2008: Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) Institute for Advancing Community Engagement is proud to welcome world renowned globalisation, economics and inter-faith specialist Dr. Kamran Mofid to the Strathfield Campus (Mount Saint Mary) for a special guest lecture. 

Dr Mofid is a world leader in the study of globalisation, the economics of the common good, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, the politics of the Middle East and spiritual economics. He has a background in non-violent conflict resolution and has lectured on interfaith perspectives on globalisation at major universities and international organisations worldwide.

Dr. Mofid  is the founder of Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative and co-founder of the Journal of Globalisation for the Common Good. His complete background is available at:

Event:        Be Global Citizens: Promote the Common Good Regionally and Globally Seminar by Dr. Kamran Mofid
When:        Friday 14 March, 8:00 am.

Where:       ACU Strathfield Campus (Mount St. Mary’s), 25A Barker Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135.
Contact:     Sandeep Varma, National Media Officer, (03) 9953 3851     

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