The best books for boys

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

26 September 2008: The definitive list of books guaranteed to grab the attention and interest of boys has been discovered by Australian Catholic University (ACU) literacy lecturer Matthew D. Zbaracki.

Best books for boys

Best books for boys: A resource for educators lists over 500 books carefully chosen by librarians, parents, and teachers. Following an explanation of the issues that face male readers, the list of books is organised by genre, including an indication of reading level, brief plot summary and complete bibliographic material for each title. 

“The biggest aim I have with this book is to motivate and engage male readers,” says author Dr. Zbaracki.

“The issue of boys’ reading is important in Australia. This book is a perfect way for teachers, librarians and parents to get boys engaged with reading in a positive way.”

“When I was young, I was a big reader. My mother was a children’s librarian and my father an English professor, so I grew up around reading. I wanted to create a list of books for people who aren’t lucky enough to have parents who are knowledgeable about children’s literature.” 

“With so many books available, it’s often difficult to decide.”

Dr. Zbaracki recently relocated to Australia from the US, and began the book as part of his PhD research. But while he was writing, Dr. Zbaracki’s wife became pregnant. As his book was being published, Dr. Zbracki was lucky enough to have a son.

“My passion and area of expertise is children’s literature,” says Dr. Zbaracki. “But dedicating the book to my son was a nice bonus.”

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