Joint project to share Catholic Church 'treasures' world wide

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Sydney, 10 December 2008: A joint project to make important church documents accessible online has been launched by Church Resources and Australian Catholic University (ACU National).

The documents, created in Latin by a number of Popes and covering such subjects as faith, humanity, life and religion, will be translated, summarised and interpreted in their historical context by ACU National academics with expertise in theology, philosophy and religious education. Teachers, students and anyone wanting a deeper understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church are expected to benefit.

“This project is entirely consistent with the Catholic identity and Mission of Australian Catholic University,” said Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven. “We are delighted to help make available some of the riches of the Catholic intellectual tradition to people of all backgrounds. It’s enormously important for the University to make these types of documents accessible. This is a great collaborative venture in a university that is to be increasingly committed to research and intellectual engagement in theology, philosophy and church history.”

In the next five years, summaries of up to 40 significant documents are expected to be made freely available online by Church Resources, a charitable trust, established by the Bishops of the Catholic Church, with a mission to facilitate participation in and contribute to the era of on-line and digital communication for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel and building community.

Church Resources Executive Director Father Michael Kelly SJ praised the University’s emphasis on research and providing resources of vital importance, describing the partnership as “a joy and a pleasure”.

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