Best photo in show

Monday, 29 September 2008

26 September 2008: Australian Catholic University (ACU) education student Elizabeth Murray has won the best colour photograph prize at this year's Royal Melbourne Show.

Show winner and photo Show winning photo

Ms. Murray’s image, entitled “Jeffrey,” won first place in the portrait category. It was then entered into the general photography pool, competing again the other first place photos across all categories. The image again won first place, making it the best single colour image in the entire competition.

“Photography is just a hobby for me,” said Ms. Murray, a Mt. Waverley resident who is studying to be a primary teacher at ACU’s Melbourne Campus. “While I was travelling in Indonesia last year, I met a warm and generous man who acted as my tour guide. On the last day of our tour, I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of him. Everything worked perfectly to capture the moment for the photo.”  

For her first place prize in the portrait category, Ms. Murray was awarded $50, followed by another $150 for the best in the first place pool. In addition to her photography skills, Ms. Murray is also an excellent student, winning a Dean’s award for being in the top 10% of her year level.

Ms. Murray describes herself as a “grounded” teacher-in-training, focusing on the primary school level. She aspires to be someone her students can relate to, and hopes to utilise some of the skills shared with her hobby.

“I think teaching is creative, just like photography. Just like when you take a photograph, in the classroom you have to constantly change things to meet individual needs. In both jobs, you have to always be observant.” 

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