ACU: National leader in preference increases

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

25 November 2008: National preference reports confirm that Australian Catholic University (ACU National) shows a sector leading increase in both first and overall preferences, a percentage increase greater than any university in Australia.


Across all six ACU National campuses, first preferences are up. Nationally, the university saw a 28% increase in first preference choice and a 23% increase in overall preference. In Brisbane, both first and overall preferences were up 40%. In the competitive Melbourne market, the university showed a 38% increase in first preference choice. In Canberra, the campus saw an especially large rise, with a 165% increase in overall preferences.

Vice Chancellor Professor Greg Craven attributed this success to the commitment of staff members to providing a quality and responsive learning environment.

"We are hard at work creating a university environment focused on the student experience. Years of dedication have resulted in this excellent outcome and an institution clearly poised to adapt to Gen Y and beyond."

 "In an increasingly competitive university sector posed on the brink of the Bradley Report tidal wave, we have demonstrated our responsiveness. We know how to surf."

Three years ago, ACU National decided to focus on its core values of service and intellectualism and on giving students a personalised academic experience, redoubling marketing efforts and building nationally recognised courses.

 "Our flagship education and health programs and our growing research reputation have propelled us into the minds of students across the country," said the Vice Chancellor.

This year, ACU National launched its innovative Early Achiever"s program, making it the only university in Australia to consider community service as part of the acceptance process. To date, over 1000 high calibre students across the country have applied to this program, 

"The message that service is a core part a student"s identity and of a university education resonates strongly with students. We simply gave potential students an opportunity to show what service means to them, and we have been amazed by the result. Once again, our message hit home."

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