ACU hosts international sports and exercise science conference

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

25 March 2008: Australian Catholic University (ACU) will be hosting the 2008 Conference of the Australian Association for Sport and Exercise Science (AAESS), incorporating Sports Dieticians Australia (SDA), at its Melbourne Campus (St. Patrick’s) from 27-30 March. 

The Conference brings together a range of international and Australian experts to present the latest scientific research in the areas of exercise and chronic disease, exercise science, sport science, professional practice and sports nutrition.

“The AAESS conference will address the importance of evidence-based exercise options and the practical impact of research,” says Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw, AAESS Sports Science Director and Biomechanics lecturer at ACU’s School of Exercise Science.

“When children struggle with mathematics parents can seek help by employing a tutor. Similarly, help is available for children struggling with physical education or obesity through properly trained and accredited exercise physiologists, but this option is not widely used.”

“The Conference theme From Research to Practice highlights the importance of not only understanding current sports and exercise research but properly communicating these highly complex scientific findings to athletes and the general population,” says SDA President Lisa Sutherland.

“This conference makes research findings relevant to the practitioner.”

AAESS and SDA have similar objectives – to improve the athletic performance of amateur and elite athletes along with improving the health of all Australians by providing expert, professional nutrition and exercise advice to manage conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Members of AAESS are experts in exercise science and Members of SDA are experts in nutrition in exercise and sport.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) established as Australia’s only Catholic, national, publicly funded university is open to all. The University empowers its students and staff with a strong sense of social responsibility and concern for the moral and ethical dimensions of their study and their professional and personal lives.

Selected Research Topics
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Theme: Exercise science practitioners in the health system

1. Biomechanics and consultancy: Sports, clinical and exercise applications
By Elizabeth Bradshaw, Anna Murphy and Kevin Netto.

2. Win win win: EPs, GPs and patients working together
By David Wright.

Theme: Exercise & health/disease

1. Exercise and kidney disease
By Robert Barnard and Maria Fiatarone Singh.

2. Exercise and diabetes
By David W. Dunstan and Mark A. Febbraio.

3. School shoes influence children’s ankle joint control during walking
By Damien O’Meara.

4. Exercise, depression and chronic illness
By Tony Morris, Michelle C. Rogerson and Meslisa Moore.

5. The energy expenditure of non-exercise activities: Upright posture, fidgeting and walking
By Mark Halaki.

Theme: Business in the Exercise Scienc

1. Innovate and evolve in business: Three real world examples
By Toni Ryan, Ryan Poole and Jarrod Meerkin.

2. Dealing with difficult clients
By Sue Curtis and Owen Curtis.

Theme: Sports-Related Research in Exercise Science

1. Is coke a sports drink? The efficacy of cola beverage use to improve endurance performance
By Ben Desbrow.

2. Building physical activity into a busy lifestyle: A cycling strategy
By Lynn Gunning.

3. The effect of Pseudoephedrine on endurance cycling performance
BY Scott Betteridge.

4. Compression garments as a performance and recovery aid following
high-intensity sprint and plyometric exercise
By Rob Duffield.