ACU hosts international conference on poverty and riches in early Christianity

Thursday, 10 January 2008

10 January 2008: Australian Catholic University (ACU) is hosting the fifth international conference on early Christian studies this week at it's Melbourne Campus (St. Patrick's).

Sponsored by ACU's Centre for Early Christian Studies, the conference brings together eminent scholars from around the world to discuss how the first Christians dealt with poverty.

"The theme of the conference is 'Poverty and Riches', the biggest theme in the New Testament" said the conference chair Reverend Archpriest BJ Lawrence Cross OAM. "As a central issue of the gospel, and of Early Christianity, the theme of the conference reflects a question which is still topical in today's world: How do we, as humans and Christians, address poverty?"

Other topics in the conference include the economic and social status of women in early Christianity, 'poverty as riches,' Constantine's call for a 'clergy of the poor,' the origins of the hospital, and a comparison of the 'good news for the poor' between early Christianity and today.
Keynote addresses will be presented by Professor Miyako Demura of Tohoku Gakuin University in Japan, Reverend Professor William Loader FAHA of Murdoch University, and Professor Samuel Rubenson of Lund University in Sweden.

The fifth international conference of the Centre for Early Christian Studies will run until Friday 11 January.  A full schedule is available from