ACU educators launch maths technology DVD

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Melbourne, 30 January 2008: Australian Catholic University (ACU) teaching educators have launched an innovative DVD about the use of technology in the modern mathematics classroom.

Launched late last year, the ICT in the Mathematics Classroom DVD was produced by ACU School of Education (Victoria) staff Ann Downton, Donna Gronn, Dr Anne Scott, and Adam Staples, and was funded by a teaching development grant from ACU.

The two-disc DVD is a useful tool for pre-service teachers wishing to see and understand the realities of using technology in primary school classrooms. It highlights five case studies of recent ACU graduates and their uses of teaching technologies from calculators to computers to electronic white boards.  

“It is important for pre-service teachers to see technology being used creatively to enhance mathematics learning,” said Dr Anne Scott. “We want our teaching graduates, and indeed all teachers, to be selective and critical in their use of technology.”

“Technology in the classroom should be used wisely and meaningfully and should be integrated with traditional teaching methods,” added Dr Scott. “It should not simply be used to keep students busy.”

The DVD also shows how educators can use technology to assess students or create digital folios of children’s learning for parent reports.

The ICT in the Mathematics Classroom DVD was presented at the Mathematics Association of Victoria Conference and ACU’s 11th annual Conference for Leaders in Primary and Secondary Mathematics, and was met with critical approval.

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