ACU appoints 'theological economist'

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

6 October 2008: Australian Catholic University's (ACU) has appointed Professor Paul Oslington to the position of Professor of Economics within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, as a joint appointment in the national schools of Business and Theology.

Paul Oslingtong

Professor Oslington holds a PhD in Economics and a Master of Economics/Econometrics with Honours from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Divinity from Melbourne College of Divinity.

More recently he was Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Notre Dame Australia, and prior to that, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of New South Wales/Australian Defence Force Academy.

Professor Oslington spent the 2006/7 academic year as a President’ Visiting Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary and University, and previously held visiting appointments as Universitas 21 Fellow at the University of British Columbia, Scholar in Residence at Regent College Vancouver, and Invited Visitor to the Department of Economics University of Oxford.

He will maintain a visiting appointment at Australian National University, as well as at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture and St Marks Theological Centre in Canberra.

Professor Oslington’s research interests include international trade and labour markets, the history of economic thought, ethics and relationships between economics and religion.  

In the area of economics and religion relations, Professor Oslington will bring to ACU a considerable grant from the Templeton Foundation in the US to support his research on the theological dimensions of economics. This project will be the major focus of his work in the initial two years of his appointment at ACU.

His Australian Research Council funded work on the impact of unfair dismissal regulation on wage and unemployment outcomes will continue, along with other projects in international trade.

Professor Oslington’s publications include The Theory of International Trade and Unemployment 2006, Economics and Religion 2003, A Mathematics Primer for Students of Economics and Business Administration 1998 and many articles in economics and religion journals.

Professor Oslington is based at North Sydney Campus (MacKillop) and commenced his appointment late last month.  

A profile on Professor Oslington's work in The Australian Higher Education section can be viewed at,,24566842-12332,00.html?from=public_rss

An opinion piece from Professor Oslington on ABC Unleashed can be viewed at

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