Barefoot Nurses

The Barefoot Nurses project supports the San Antonio clinic in Baucau. This clinic was established to support the students of ICFP. Currently the clinic is located within a second clinic run by the CIJ (Followers of Jesus) Sisters in New Town, which has been around for 25 years. The CIJ clinic is well run and adapts to local needs without many resources. They have their own traditional treatment methods which rely heavily on natural and herbal remedies and their own ‘analista’ who develops treatments. In contrast the San Antonio clinic provides western medicine and training for a nurse to prescribe medications.
The Barefoot Nurses project is coordinated by the ACU Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE). This year in addition to sponsoring the San Antonio clinic it created a research post and sponsored an Australian-East Timorese nurse for six months to research and conduct a health scoping study to establish how best ACU can work with the community in Baucau and the East Timor Ministry of Health.
Your support of this project will assist with the long-term plans to provide health education and resources to the local community.

Donors include:

  • ACU Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE)
  • eMerge Foundation