ACU scholarship and bursary program

Canberra award recipients and donors

By supporting our scholarships you help students realise their dreams of achieving great results. At ACU we recognise those who excel in their chosen field and contribute towards their communities.

We also acknowledge it is our responsibility to help those who demonstrate great potential and have high aspirations but need extra support. This is why we offer bursaries in addition to scholarships. Whereas scholarships are primarily awarded on academic merit, a bursary is primarily awarded on the basis of financial need or some other disadvantage.

ACU is proud to offer over 100 scholarships and bursaries annually to support students’ academic achievements and break down barriers to higher education. Each year we receive more applications for scholarships and bursaries than ever from deserving students as interest and need increases dramatically.

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Student stories

Student recipients have come from all walks of life and have personal stories about why they have come to study at ACU and what their award will allow them to accomplish in the future. Student stories highlight the utmost importance of scholarships and bursaries and the tangible impact they have on students' lives.

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Awards ceremonies

Our annual awards ceremonies are an opportunity to celebrate ACU students' achievements in academic, community leadership, research and professional fields and show our sincere appreciation to our generous donors, partners and supporters. It is wonderful to see our community come together to support our students, many of whom are from rural/regional areas and wouldn't have been able to attend university without generous donor support.

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Your impact

You - our donors - make a tremendous impact, supporting ACU students to access university education and not only excel in their own studies, but use their skills and time to serve the common good through working for the benefit of others in their communities.

Each of our scholarships and bursaries has a rich history and deep significance to our donors. To learn more about supporting ACU students achieve their dreams of study please contact your local Development Manager.