Changing lives, one clean shirt at a time

Sophia Scholarship recipient David Tubb with an Orange Sky Laundry van equipped with a washing machine and dryer.

Sophia Scholarship recipient David Tubb with an Orange Sky Laundry van equipped with a washing machine and dryer.

David Tubb received the 2015 Sophia Scholarship for his outstanding contribution to the common good, a core ACU principle. The Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)/Graduate Certificate in Religious Education student at ACU's Brisbane Campus is also a board member and Operations Manager at Orange Sky Laundry, a registered non-profit organisation and world-first initiative.

Founded in Brisbane in September 2014, Orange Sky Laundry is Australia’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless.  Currently, six custom fitted vans operate at parks and drop in centres in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, South East Victoria and Perth with each van containing two industrial washing machines and dryers.  On any given night in Australia more than one in 200 Australians are homeless; Orange Sky Laundry aims to positively and genuinely connect the community through improved hygiene standards and non-judgmental conversations. Every week in Australia more than 300 Orange Sky Laundry volunteers wash more than three tons of laundry for those that need it most.  Throughout 2016, the team at Orange Sky Laundry will continue to expand across Australia and internationally.

The Sophia Scholarship will financially assist David and the Orange Sky Laundry team with the ongoing costs of the vans, start-up costs of a new van, support to expand to additional cities, and training of volunteers in crisis management and working with alcohol and drug addictions, and mental illness. David oversees the effective day-to-day management of all six vans in Australia.

A prolific volunteer, David also helps out during his holidays at Edmund Rice Camps, which provide holiday experiences for disadvantaged children and their families.

David said he is passionate about becoming a positive influence in the daily lives of his students. In the future he hopes to work in schools and educational facilities catering to students on the margins of society.

"I hope to challenge the best and brightest to extend themselves academically and develop a social conscience capable of making a genuine difference for their generation," he said.

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