Terms and Conditions

NSW Permit Number: LTPS/15/10276

International Women’s Day Alumni Prize Draw

  1. This prize draw is called the: International Women’s Day Alumni Prize Draw (the Competition). This document contains the terms and conditions which govern the Competition (Terms and Conditions).
  2. The Competition commences on 2pm (AEST) 2 February 2016 and closes at 5pm (AEST) 4 March 2016.
  3. The promoter of the Competition is Australian Catholic University Limited ABN 15 050 192 660 (ACU) through its External Relations Team.
  4. An email will be sent by ACU to each of its alumni members for which it holds contact details (each referred to as the Recipient). This email will include a link to the website and online registration form (the Registration Form). The Registration Form can also be accessed directly from the ACU website.
  5. The Registration Form will be for the registration of an International Women’s Day event.
  6. If the Recipient or a current alumni member who has accessed the website:
    1. completes the Registration Form;
    2. requests to enter the Competition; and
    3. agrees to the Terms and Conditions,
    they will be entitled to enter into the Competition.
  7. When ACU receives the completed Registration Form from a Recipient, this person (the Applicant):
    1. will be entered into the Competition; and
    2. will be sent an email containing a link to the Registration Form and inviting the Applicant to send the email and the link onto a fellow alumni member (the Friend).
  8. If the Friend enters the Competition by completing the Registration Form, the Friend will be entered into the Competition.
  9. If the Friend:
    1. enters the Competition by completing the Registration Form; and
    2. indicates on the Registration Form that the Applicant referred the Friend
    ACU will provide the Applicant with a further entry into the Competition.
  10. The Applicant may refer as many Friends as they like but will only be entitled to enter into the Competition a total of four (4) times.
  11. In order to be eligible to enter the draw, the Applicant or Friend must:
    1. include valid contact details in the Registration Form, including a valid email address and phone number;
    2. have completed a Course of study at ACU; and
    3. not be a current ACU student or fulltime permanent staff member.
  12. Entry is free (other than accessing the website which is the Applicant’s or Friend’s responsibility). Each Applicant or Friend may only register once.
  13. The use of personal information is governed by ACU's Privacy Policy and will not be distributed to any third parties. This policy is available here. By submitting the Registration Form, you are agreeing to receive email communication about ACU courses, events and activities.
  14. The winner will be randomly drawn by ACU External Relations team at 12pm on Monday 7 March 2016 at 8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Catholic University. The winner will be notified by the National Manager, External Relations via the phone and email contacts they have provided. Their name will be published in the Alumni e-News Bulletin.
  15. Should the prize winner not claim their prize by Monday 6 June 2016, a redraw will take place at 10.00am on Friday 10 June 2016 at 8-20 Napier Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australian Catholic University.
  16. The Applicant / Friend has sole responsibility for ensuring that ACU has their current and updated email and phone contact details. The Applicant / Friend agrees that, if they win the prize draw, their identity and entry may be disclosed in winner announcements on the ACU website and any other marketing material deemed appropriate by ACU.
  17. There will be one winner and there is one prize and this is: a travel voucher worth $1,500 AUD from Campus Travel (Australian OpCo Pty Ltd trades as Campus Travel ABN 20 003 279 534) (the Travel Voucher). The Travel Voucher:
    1. must be redeemed within 12 months;
    2. cannot be redeemed for cash; and
    3. is non-transferable.
  18. The winner agrees that any loss or damage to the Travel Voucher sustained after receipt is their sole responsibility.