Tania Gallo

Tania Gallo

Bachelor of Exercise Science (2009), Doctor of Philosophy (current)
Performance Analyst/Sport Science, North Melbourne Football Club, VIC

"My time as an undergrad at ACU was great. I met fantastic people, learnt a lot and grew into the professional I am today. Regardless of how grand or world-leading an institution is, it is the quality of the people around you that matters. I had an incredible experience at ACU and I attribute that to the staff, mentors and students/friends whom I met along the way.

I loved the practical components of the course and the opportunities that were presented. I was given the opportunity to do an internship at the North Melbourne Football Club through their relationship with ACU. My current role involves collecting a range of data often using micro-technology, such as GPS units and heart-rate monitors, to provide a contemporary athlete monitoring system. I analyse load and monitoring data, prepare reports and provide information to other conditioning staff, coaches and athletes.

Aside from the theory and practical skills that I learnt through all of my years at ACU, I believe that their unique approach has taught me unwavering ethical standards and ideals. I am honoured to be connected to an institute that prides itself on morality and commitment to the common good."

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