Josie Ryan

Josie Ryan

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies (Liturgy) (2013), Graduate Certificate in Religious Education (2011)
Liturgist, Loreto Kirribilli

"I decided to undertake postgraduate study as I wanted to further explore my field and nurture my career working with inspiring and faith-filled young people and mentors.

Studying at ACU was a great experience, and I benefitted from the teaching excellence and strong Catholic industry connections. ACU has refined my existing strong Catholic values by challenging my perceptions and drawing my attention to cutting-edge scholarship and discussion on crucial issues.

I enjoy my role and the new challenges it brings. When students tell me they value the liturgical life of our school I feel I have succeeded in raising their awareness of what liturgy can be.

I have been fortunate to work with some extraordinary individuals who have provided inspiration. It is a challenge, but a welcome one, to be able to follow in their footsteps.

As the founder of the Loreto sisters, Mary Ward, said: "I will do these things with love and freedom or leave them alone."
I aim to live my life this way, and to continue to discover so I can always improve the quality of my career and explore my faith."


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