Jo-Anne Martin

Jo-Anne Martin

Master of Health Science (Clinical Education) (2012)
Post Graduate Nursing Program Coordinator, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Master of Health Science (Clinical Education) graduate

"I chose ACU for flexibility of study. I really benefitted from the online format and the interaction with students from other disciplines.
ACU provided me with extra opportunities to put my learning into practice. Opportunities outside of my immediate career also arose, such as the chance to become a sessional lecturer.

The best part about my job is empowering others to better care for their patients. I believe that my job allows me to have an impact on the development of nurses across a number of clinical areas, and this can have an impact on patient outcomes by providing nurses with the knowledge and skills to better care for them.

I also love interacting with students from a variety of areas to help them navigate postgraduate nursing education.

My career has given me some amazing experiences, and I’m really happy I decided to enter the nursing profession. One great opportunity was spending five weeks training nurses in Fiji on how to care for patients with a cancer diagnosis – I hope that I taught them how to manage their patients appropriately.

I think that every day there is something new to learn."

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