Dr Leroy Gonsalves

Dr Leroy Gonsalves

Doctor of Philosophy (2012), Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) (2007), Bachelor of Environmental Science (2006)
Biodiversity Research Officer, NSW Department of Primary Industries

"My postgraduate degrees have really helped me develop the skills and concepts which I needed to progress my career. During my honours course, I got a taste for research and also had a chance to do some teaching. I really enjoyed it, so I went on to do a PhD. Now, as well as working as a Biodiversity Research Officer, I also lecture in environmental science at ACU.

I’ve enjoyed my time studying at ACU. I found the learning environment excellent and really benefited from the expertise of the staff. I think it’s important to really take advantage of your time at university and make the most of the opportunities it provides.

My work is special to me because I’m constantly learning new things. Every day there is something that fascinates me and keeps me asking questions. I am also privileged to be working with such amazing wildlife.

My role in environmental science research is so diverse it’s hard to describe an average day at the office. I’ll have periods of intensive fieldwork, usually involving insectivorous bats and other small mammals, and then I’ll spend days in the office analysing data, and writing reports and papers. I get to see some beautiful areas and fascinating wildlife – I love the changes and challenges my profession brings."


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