Darren Midgley

Darren Midgley

Bachelor of Nursing (1994)
Chief Executive Officer Chaffey Aged Care, VIC

"I love my job, the residents, and my staff. I feel that I can make a real difference to the lives of the people I work with. This job provides me with immense satisfaction.  As CEO I lead a team of 90 staff and 65 volunteers and I manage a budget of more than five million dollars.

My role broadly influences organisational strategic direction, operations, business, marketing and operational plans. Whilst my role is predominantly administrative, I also work on the floor with my residents and staff which is an excellent opportunity to continuously practice my clinical skills.

ACU has a reputation for training job-ready health industry professionals. ACU nurses make a difference to every patient every day. ACU helped me to develop excellent time management, communication and assessment skills as well as providing me with clinical experience and qualifications to practice nursing."


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