Alasdair Macintyre

Alasdair Macintyre

Doctor of Philosophy (current)
Artist, academic and PhD candidate

"ACU places such significance on the arts across all of its subject areas. I have felt confident in pursuing an artistic and creative career.
I chose ACU because of its values, and I’ve found it’s reaffirmed my own beliefs of a just society and a duty of care to the marginalised. ACU also values the arts as a whole, and this is a major factor in my involvement as a graduate, lecturer and PhD candidate.

I am a practicing contemporary artist as well as a lecturer in the visual arts at ACU. I love lecturing – passing on my knowledge and inherent skills to students in a supportive and nurturing environment is great. As an artist – I love doing whatever the heck I want artistically, at my own pace, without anyone telling me I can’t do it.

Being an artist has provided some amazing opportunities. I had my own ABC documentary, and I’m featured in McCullough’s Encyclopaedia of Australian Art. I’ve also had nearly a dozen commercially successful exhibitions, mainly in the highly competitive Sydney art scene.

As an artist I am forever chasing the fulfilment of making an art form that communicates spiritual mystery to my viewer, and conveys something eternal."


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