Your Alumni journey

After graduating from ACU you will automatically become part of our global network of alumni. The alumni office is interested in following your career path, and we can help you organise class or group reunions, as well as informal gatherings or more formal chapters. There are also a number of ways you can stay involved and support ACU.

Alumni profiles are on display at graduation ceremonies, and used by the student recruitment team for school visits. Staff in ACU’s careers office are also interested in seeing what paths ACU graduates take. If you are happy to be involved, please complete a short profile, and upload a landscape photo (of good quality and high resolution) using the online profile form.

Update your details

To ensure that you are receiving alumni communications, and can be contacted for reunions and events, please ensure your contact details are current. Use the online form to update your details or contact the ACU Alumni office for name or life changes.

Organise your class reunions

If you would like to organise your class reunion, please contact the ACU Alumni office.  We can assist by providing the list of names from the graduation handbook, emailing fellow classmates, and with events at campus locations.

We are keen to collate past photos so if you can scan and email these through with as much detail as possible, we would be most appreciative.

Where in the world are our Alumni

ACU alumni are living and working throughout Australia and around the globe. We have graduates in remote communities and in large international cities. From Cambodia to Chile, from New Zealand to Norway, from India to Ireland, there are ACU graduates contributing to their communities. We would love to hear from you wherever in the world you may be, just complete a profile form and attach a photo.

Start an ACU Alumni chapter or organise an event

If you are interested in organising an ACU Alumni chapter in your city, please contact the ACU Alumni office.  We can help locate fellow graduates, look at the type of event that might work best, and the ways in which you can support the University from near or afar.