Giving to ACU

"One of the most important ways in which a person can contribute to a community is by giving. Giving to the Australian Catholic University helps us to help others. I invite you to contribute and welcome your involvement in the ACU Foundation."
- Professor Greg Craven, ACU Vice-Chancellor

As a past student you can join ACU Foundation and continue your commitment to the common good. Together we can make a difference in the lives of others by supporting three key priorities:

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ACU Alumni Scholarship and Bursary Fund

Current students need financial support now more than ever. ACU alumni are invited to give back to prospective and current students by supporting this fund.
To help ACU students realise their dreams, give now.

ACU Thai-Burma Program

ACU, through its Faculty of Education and Arts, has been offering tertiary education to Burmese refugees and migrant students on the Thai-Burma border since 2004.
ACU has two study centres on the border and has produced a Diploma in Liberal Studies; a qualification that is recognised globally. The program provides a platform for graduates to pursue a further degree in higher education or work in a non-governmental or community-based organisation.
To break the cycle of poverty through education on the Thai-Burma border, give now.

Future in Youth Program East Timor

ACU has been assisting with capacity building projects in East Timor since 2000, prior to its independence in 2002. Future in Youth began in Baucau, the second largest town in East Timor, in 2010.
The mission of the program is to improve health, wellbeing and life skills of youth in East Timor through sport with emphasis on fun, fairness and respect. Led by lecturers from the School of Exercise Science and its students, Future in Youth provides in-country leadership training to Timorese youth through a soccer-coaching program.
To improve health and wellbeing through sporting opportunities in East Timor, give now.