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Issue 5, Spring 2013

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1. Racism has a long history we must all understand
The Drum, 30 May 2013

Non-Indigenous Australia may not see why calling Adam Goodes an "ape" is a racist slur, but it is important that we all understand the offence stems from a long history of racial discrimination. Yesterday a close acquaintance asked me why calling Adam Goodes an "ape" was a racist slur. He is a highly educated person, and he is not the only person who asked me this. The fact that so many people do not understand raises several other questions, and it is important that we as Australians have an open discussion. Read more...

2. Can you survive on $2 a day? 
Ballarat Courier, 3 May 2013

Alice Marquand is hooked on curries, so surviving five days on just a $2-a-day diet of pasta and rice is going to be quite a challenge. The 20-year-old, who is studying primary teaching at ACU, is hoping to raise awareness about extreme poverty. “I will basically be just eating rice, pasta and some sort of cheap vegetable like pumpkin,” Ms Marquand said. Part of the Oaktree Foundation Live Below the Line campaign, Ms Marquand has already raised $4000. Read more...

3. When X marks the lot
The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age,1 June 2013

Career advice from ACU Professor Jim Bright: In the two decades since Douglas Coupland’s novel, there has been a steady stream of peer-reviewed studies showing that generational differences are a beat up and that people vary more within each generation than they do between them. It turns out that a person’s birth date does not tell us a great deal about their work attitudes, or even their use of technology. Read more...

4. Nick Greiner's fate a lesson for political reformers
Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 2013

Professor Scott Prasser, Director of ACU's Public Policy Institute, in an opinion piece about the launch of a biography about the former NSW premier: At a time when Australian politics is in a state of flux nationally it is timely to ponder the fate of leaders and governments who came to power with great popular expectations. We can look no further than Nick Greiner's brief term as premier as an object lesson to all those aspiring to office. Read more...

5. Students at poverty's door 
Campus Review, 1 July 2013

Anglicare surveyed over 200 students from ANU, UC, ACU and CIT, and results showed that 87 per cent experience some level of housing stress. Associate professor Patrick McArdle, ACU Canberra Dean, acknowledged the high costs of housing. He said that when periods of income stress hit, students were likely to ignore basic health and dietary needs. Read more...

6. Same field different game
The Age, 29 June 2013

Although Stuart Cormack, senior lecturer in the school of exercise science at Australian Catholic University (ACU), has worked with a slew of high-profile athletes in his 20-odd-year career, he says the spectacle of them in full flight on the training track never ceases to mesmerise. Read more...

7. Warmun art on show at ACU
The Daily Telegraph, 20 May 2013

Religious iconography and Aboriginal culture come together in Gifts of the Artists featuring artwork of the Warmun community. Lachlan Warner has collected 33 pieces from across Australia for the exhibition at the McGlade Gallery, Australian Catholic University, Strathfield. "These are the stained-glass windows of the Warmun community," he said. The artworks were created over 35 years from the 1970s when the Sisters of St Joseph opened a school in the Warmun community." Read more...

8. Paramedic hopefuls put skills to the test 
The Canberra Times, 6 June 2013

Future paramedics practised their emergency response skills in a timed competition at Australian Catholic University on Wednesday. A simulated car crash, an elderly person with dementia falling down stairs and a person collapsing in the shower were the emergencies 30 second-year students had to respond to in the inaugural Paramedic Skills Competition. Read more...

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