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Issue 1, Spring 2011

Recipe for success

Yasmin Rumjahn Yasmin Rumjahn

She's a dab hand in the kitchen and well on her way to being a marketing whizz. Shirley Godlewski spoke to Yasmin Rumjahn about death by chocolate and scoring a coveted graduate position.

When Yasmin Rumjahn presented her Death by Chocolate dessert creation to the MasterChef Australia judges, she was a little disappointed to be told that it had, well, too much chocolate.

Luckily the 25-year-old aspiring pâtissier has a day job which she is more than happy to stick with for now.

Shortly after graduating from a Bachelor of Commerce at ACU's North Sydney Campus, Yasmin beat thousands of hopefuls and a gloomy Global Financial Crisis outlook to win one of two places in the Optus Graduate Development Program.

"Compared to a lot of the people I graduated with and even those who graduated a semester before me, I was so fortunate to get the position at Optus," she said. "So many people just couldn't get a foot in the door and instead went travelling or are still looking."

Yasmin will spend two years rotating through the company’s marketing departments, and learning about the broader telecommunications industry.

"You really get to choose and map out where you want to go based on your areas of interest, doing six-month stints," she said. "So when I finish I'll have this fantastic professional experience which has been tailored to my chosen career field."

Yasmin said that being entrusted with a high level of responsibility from day one was daunting, but she took it in her stride and is now well settled into the fast-paced corporate marketing environment.

"Working at Optus is definitely nothing like I expected," she said. "I didn't realise that even though I am only one of 6000 employees at the head office in Sydney, I would be making such a significant impact on how Optus performs."

Having gained extensive experience in the planning, developing and executing of a variety of marketing advertisements, Yasmin said her perception of the industry has changed markedly.

"There is a great deal of work and science behind the logos, pictures, and headlines. I can watch TV ads and decipher who they are targeting, read press ads differently, and even read between the lines better," she said. "I've also turned into quite the critic."

Yasmin said one of the greatest benefits for her is the opportunity Optus staff have to participate in community work.

"We all get one day a year of volunteer leave, which I think is great. You’ll often find whole teams of Optus staff getting involved together, packing boxes for Youth Off the Streets, or serving food at homeless shelters in the city," she said.

"I really believe it's important to give back to your community."

Having particularly enjoyed executing marketing plans and working with sponsorship and community initiatives, Yasmin said she hopes to secure a permanent marketing job at Optus upon completion of the graduate program.

But she hasn't completely ruled out a career in the kitchen.

"I've been approached a lot by friends and family to cater for parties, Kitchen Teas and birthdays, and I even have my eye on a domain name for when I go pro, so you never know."

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