Understanding Self and Society: Contemporary Perspectives


Beginning with questions of personal identity and values, in this unit, students will consider various questions of human existence, meaning and purpose as they arise in the contemporary world. How we answer such questions shapes all our interactions—personal and professional—and governs our responses to the situations we encounter. Drawing on the arts, science, history, culture and the perspectives of the Catholic intellectual tradition, students will explore issues of personal identity and community in a digital age, through the guiding lens of the fundamental dignity of all human beings.

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate a reflective, critical awareness of personal identity and values
  2. work collaboratively to explain the concept of the dignity of the human person and analyse examples of a commitment to human dignity in action
  3. investigate and evaluate a topic or issue in which the dignity of the human person is a critical factor
  4. identify and assess how commitment to the dignity of the human person may be part of his or her personal and professional understanding and practice now and in the future.

Students should also have developed their ability to achieve the following ACU graduate attributes:

  • GA1: demonstrate respect for the dignity of each individual and for human diversity
  • GA4: think critically and reflectively
  • GA7: work both autonomously and collaboratively
  • GA8: locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information.