Core Curriculum

Australian Catholic University (ACU) has high hopes and great expectations of its graduates. An ACU education aims to teach students to think critically and ethically, and to be guided by social justice principles. It is about passing on the skills to bring about change in communities and in society. The University's Core Curriculum lies at the heart of this vision. The goal is not just to pass on knowledge, but to raise some of the most fundamental questions about human experience and meaning, and equip students to address them with intelligence, compassion, and a heightened ethical awareness.

What are the qualities that humans need to flourish? What does it mean to be both an individual and part of a community? How is merely surviving different from thriving? How is human dignity defined and what difference does it make to our decisions?

The University Core Curriculum units emphasise critical judgement, clear expression, ethical decision-making and concern for others, as individuals and as a community. They also provide a common learning experience for students at ACU. Together, undergraduates address the same topics and tackle the same problems, bringing their own views and experience to complex ideas and contemporary social issues. In Latin, cor means ‘heart.’ At ACU we firmly believe that education is as much about your heart as your head.

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