Strategic Goals , Key Result Areas and University Performance Indicators

The ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has five high-level Strategic Goals. The Plan places ACU’s Catholic Identity as the overarching goal which extends across four Strategic Goal pillars of Academic Profile; Students, Learning and Teaching; Research; and Corporate Services.

Each Strategic Goal contains a number of Key Result Areas and associated University Performance Indicators and Targets. (Targets are listed separately in the University Performance Targets document).

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ACU sustains a strong and visible commitment to the mission of the Catholic Church in Australia by engaging in the Catholic intellectual tradition, and is guided by the values of truth, excellence and service.

Leading Catholic Institution

The University is recognised by Catholic Church and community as a leading Australian Catholic institution with the hallmarks of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Catholic Partnerships
  • Engagement with Mission and Values
  • Authentic Catholic University

Catholic University Experience

The University provides students, staff and community with a University experience that is genuinely Catholic in terms of identity, Mission, curriculum, culture and intellect.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Catholic Policy Capacity
  • Integration of Catholic Social Principles
  • Staff Formation in the ACU Mission

Community Engagement and the Common Good

The University is a leading institution in the area of community engagement, consistent with the Catholic social principles.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Quality and Impact of Community Engagement Programs
  • Mission-Focused Research

ACU, through its pursuit of academic excellence, is recognised as a provider of innovative and quality higher education courses; delivered by leading academics, to meet the needs of a diverse student body in conjunction with our partners and the community.

Enrolment Planning Management

The University manages its enrolment profile to ensure sustained viability across disciplines, funding categories and campuses.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Student and Enrolment Profile
  • Market Share
  • Articulation Rates

Portfolio of Course Offerings

The University delivers quality pathway programs, undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses, in conjunction with partners that are aligned with the University’s Mission.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Course Profile
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Core Curriculum
  • Pathway Programs
  • External Partnerships

Academic Environment

The University has robust academic governance that supports a high quality academic environment that is informed by scholarship.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Academic Quality Assurance
  • Academic Staff Profile
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • External Accreditation


The University is a globally engaged institution and a pre-eminent Catholic university in the Asia Pacific region that leverages its Mission and strengths to support high quality international teaching, learning, research and community engagement.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Global Profile
  • International Classroom
  • Mission-Focused Collaboration

ACU pursues excellence in all areas of teaching and provides its students with a distinctive, responsive and relevant learning experience.

Student Experience

The University develops its students to become educated, skilled and ethical graduates through a distinctive learning experience.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Student Experience and Satisfaction
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Engagement in University Life
  • Student Living and Learning Communities

Learning and Teaching

The University enriches and enhances the quality of learning and teaching experiences.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Quality Learning and Teaching Experiences
  • Learning Technology
  • Student Retention and Success
  • Graduate Attributes and Employability

Diversity and Equity

The University improves the participation, progress and outcomes for people from identified equity groups and promotes equal opportunities for academic success.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Equity Group Enrolment
  • Equity Group Retention and Success
  • Equity Group Attainment

Library and Learning Resources

The University provides its students and staff with access to quality information resources, and excellent learning spaces and services, in support of the University’s teaching and research activities.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Quality Library Experience
  • Resource Provision and Access
  • Physical and Technological Infrastructure
  • Research Skills Support
  • Copyright Services

ACU is a world-leading research University in its areas of specialisation and has a culture of research excellence that is aligned to its Identity and Mission.

Research Capacity

The University enhances its capacity to support its research strengths by ensuring an outstanding research environment for its areas of strategic priority.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Research Infrastructure and Resources
  • Research Grants
  • Competitive Funding

Research Partnerships

The University strengthens its research reputation, drawing in particular on partnerships with national and international centres of research excellence.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Research Partnerships

Research Quality

The University produces high quality research outcomes that are above or well-above world standard in targeted research areas.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Excellence in Research for Australia

ACU has a culture of performance and service excellence.

Strategic Approach and Governance

The University is strategic in its approach to achieve its Mission and Vision. The University is committed to continual improvement and implements effective governance and management practices to deliver high quality outcomes.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Alignment with the Strategic Plan
  • Risk and Assurance
  • Legal and Governance Compliance
  • Service Quality

Workplace Culture, Staff Performance and Development

The University has a sustainable staffing profile that meets the changing needs of the University’s operations. The University continues to cultivate the knowledge, capabilities and skills of its staff to align with the strategic directions and priorities.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Workplace Culture
  • Workforce Profile
  • Workforce Performance

Financial Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability

The University has a sustainable business model to assure long-term financial viability and overall financial strength. The business model sustains the quality of academic and professional activities of the University.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Financial Performance
  • Budget Planning

Infrastructure and Environment

The University’s physical and technological infrastructure provides a high quality academic and professional environment. The University’s practices are sustainable and aligned with the strategic directions and priorities.

University Performance Indicators:

  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Sustainability

Stakeholder Relations

The University has mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders including Church, government, industry, staff, students, alumni, donors, Indigenous and the wider community.

University Performance Indicators:

  • University Reputation
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Staff Engagement