Planning at ACU

The ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has been developed through a series of focused consultations with a range of stakeholders and was endorsed by the ACU Senate on 18 September 2014.

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The Strategic Plan 2015-2020 is the highest level plan of the University and is guided by our Mission, Vision and Values.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has five high-level Strategic Goals. The Plan places ACU’s Catholic Identity as the overarching goal supported by four strategic goal pillars of Academic Profile; Students, Learning and Teaching; Research; and Corporate Services.

Each Strategic Goal area has a number of Key Result Areas and associated University Performance Indicators and Targets.

University Performance Indicators are included in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 publication and are used to guide and measure performance.

University Performance Targets are specific statements about the level of performance or a milestone that is to be achieved. The University Performance Targets are included within a supplementary document and are reviewed annually to reflect the changing internal and external environment.

The high level University Performance Indicators and Targets do not measure all of the University’s activities. Further breakdowns and/or additional measures are identified within the Portfolio Programs, Organisational Unit Plans and Individual Performance Plans.

The University’s progress against the Strategic Goals and Key Result Areas is monitored through the biannual Traffic Light Report. The Report provides an update on key project milestones and an analysis of the high-level University Performance Indicators and Targets.

The Planning Framework demonstrates how the ACU Mission guides the different elements within each of the Strategic, Portfolio, Organisational Unit and Individual Performance plans. Each level adds more detail and is further integrated with Enabling Frameworks which provide the direction to inform the management of University-wide initiatives.

The Annual Priorities are the key projects identified by the Vice-Chancellor as the strategic focus for the year. The Annual Priorities are included in the relevant Portfolio Programs and Principal Senior Officers collaborate to ensure the successful delivery and completion of the projects.

The Enabling Frameworks provide the additional information necessary for the University to deliver the Strategic Goals and Key Result Areas of the Strategic Plan 2015-2020. The Enabling Frameworks are University-wide and are incorporated within the relevant Portfolio Programs and Organisational Unit Plans.

The Portfolio Programs position and communicate the principal strategies and priorities that each portfolio area will undertake between 2015-2020. The Portfolio Programs respond to all elements of the Strategic Plan and provide a link to the Organisational Unit Plans. The Portfolio Programs are reviewed annually to ensure currency and alignment with the strategic direction of the University.

The Organisational Unit Plans are annual plans that detail the projects and activities to be undertaken by each Organisational Unit. The Organisational Unit Plans vary in content with individual strategies and targets/milestones responding directly to the Portfolio Programs.

The Individual Performance Plans are developed each year as part of the University’s annual performance review and planning process for staff. The objectives within each Individual Performance Plan respond directly to the Organisational Unit Plan.