Our Stakeholders

The ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020 has identified six stakeholder groups as fundamental to the overall success of the University.

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Our Church is central to the ACU Mission in both tradition and spirit. The University is anchored in the Catholic intellectual tradition where faith and reason are compatible with human inquiry. Grounded in faith, ACU nurtures the development of its staff and students to be knowledgeable of self; educated in mind; compassionate in heart and responsive to our community and an ever-changing world.

Our students are core to ACU’s decision making, and the University’s activities are aligned with their aspirations and expectations. Our student body consists of undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over Australia and the world. The University is committed to providing its students with an engaging and responsive learning environment that is also distinctively Catholic. The University equips its students with the practical skills and knowledge required for them to be work-ready professionals.

Our staff are key to the success of the University through their capacity to teach our students, conduct our research and deliver high standards of service. ACU values the contribution of its staff and strives to provide a rewarding working environment that cultivates the knowledge, capabilities and skills of every staff member throughout their entire career at ACU.

Our employers are key partners of the University and include Catholic, commercial, educational, government and not-for-profit organisations. The University collaborates closely with partners in all aspects to bring mutual benefits to students, organisations and communities more broadly.

Our alumni are an essential component of the University and our relationship with them continues far beyond graduation. ACU’s alumni within Australia and around the world play an important role in furthering the Mission of the University. In recognition of their importance, we strive to keep our alumni informed about, and engaged with, the University’s developments and achievements.

Our communities are made up of different groups of people, each with their unique needs and characteristics. At ACU, community engagement is recognised as a core function and integral to the University. ACU acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tradition and seeks to work collaboratively with the University’s local, national and international partners.