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Issue 5, Winter 2012

Getting ahead

Q1: I’m going into my final year of a business degree majoring in human resources, and would like to work as an HR consultant in private industry. This year I will be doing a professional placement – how do I secure a placement that will help me with my long-term career goal? Joshua, North Sydney Campus

A: The best way of securing such a role is through networking. I define networking as giving – so in your case, it means getting in front of HR people as often as possible and then making yourself useful to them. Get involved with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) by going to events, volunteering for committees or just helping out. Get on LinkedIn and join the Australian HR groups. Finally, make that placement count when you get it by doing the job of your life – you want to send the message that you are a bright, motivated, pleasant colleague who is very useful to the organisation.

Q2: I’m in my first year of a Bachelor of Nursing but am also interested in primary teaching. Am I best to complete my nursing degree and then do a Graduate Diploma/Masters in Education, or should I try and transfer now? Natasha, Melbourne Campus

A: As you are in your first year, changing courses would not be as traumatic or wasteful as it might be later on. I strongly advise you to go and see ACU’s excellent Careers Team, who will help you reflect on what you really want to do right now. It is far better to address doubts about courses early on, than struggle along with mixed motivations that could ultimately undermine your performance or enjoyment of your course. After some reflection you may feel motivated to stay put, or perhaps change – but the important thing is to get some objective advice.

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