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Issue 1, Winter 2011

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Q: With more universities opting to provide podcasts and MP3s of lectures, we ask our ACU students what they think. How will podcasts of lectures help your studies?

"Podcasts would be very useful in helping students study. Students don’t get paid to be at uni, so we all have jobs which inevitably clash with classes from time to time. Being able to catch up with our classes online rather than chasing friends or lecturers would make life immeasurably easier."
Nick Baum
Bachelor of Media Communications

"Podcasts would make things so much more convenient. If you miss a lecture due to illness or work you can still listen to it as many times as you need to, at your own convenience. They would also be great to listen to while driving for revision purposes."
Danna Seeney
Bachelor of Nursing

"I think podcasts are a great idea! Firstly, the distracted students who don’t want to attend lectures would be able to skip them, creating a better learning environment for those who want to be there. Secondly, if students miss a key point or want to revise, we can just refer back to the recording. Finally, sometimes there are legitimate reasons why you might miss a lecture – that doesn’t mean you should miss out altogether. It’s important for ACU to offer flexible solutions!"
Rachael Wynne
Bachelor of Psychology

"If you can’t attend a lecture it’s much easier to listen to the lecture than read through massive amounts of slides. The idea of podcasts is really appealing. Actually listening to the lecture in revision as opposed to reading the lecture would make them easier to comprehend. You pick up on the tone of important points when you hear the lecturer speak. I would also listen while driving for revision."
Alex Luksich
Bachelor of Commerce

"I think podcasts would be helpful, but possibly only if they were put up after lectures. If they were put up prior to lectures, it may result in students not attending lectures. I generally think podcasts would be good, because it acts as a visual learning aid for students and assists in remembering what happened in the lecture. Also when it comes to tests, having notes online would help with my revision."
Alanna Ind
Bachelor of Education (Primary)

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