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Issue 3, Summer 2011

Vox pops

Q: How will you spend your summer holidays?

"My boyfriend and I are going backpacking in Asia for three months – Christmas in Hong Kong, Vietnam for New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year in Thailand. We’ll be volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia and then having our three-year anniversary in Nepal."
Lucy Morrissey
Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Canberra Campus

"As well as trying to get ahead with my studies I’m going to my dad’s holiday house in Eden, NSW, for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I am going with my family and it will be great to relax and unwind there."
Rebecca Johnson
Bachelor of Social Science
Melbourne Campus

"We are buying a van and driving up the east coast of Australia for five weeks, stopping at two festivals and a hen’s party along the way."
Amirah Geraldo de-Lima
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary)
Ballarat Campus

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