Awareness programs aim to:

  • Demystify higher education for target groups by providing opportunities to become familiar with the everyday reality of university education and campus life
  • Provide learning-based programs that foster student engagement in learning and illustrate some of the basic links between learning, higher education and careers
  • Encourage a perception of university as a positive and beneficial post-secondary option

Meet the Professor

Grades 5 & 6 students are invited to participate in a tour of their local ACU campus, where they are offered the chance to meet staff and students and complete an interactive activity related to university life.

Offered to: Years 4 to 6

My Science

The program brings in members of the broader scientific community, such as university lecturers and students, representatives from industry partner organisations and students from neighbouring secondary schools to support the teaching of science in primary schools. 

Students undertake a scientific investigation and communicate their findings to their school community. 

Offered to: Years 4 to 6

Download the My Science Brochure (PDF, 678KB).

Parent Forums

Engages parents through presenting at school events and year level parent nights. 

Parent Forums conducted on campus specifically for parents to inform them of university options and the pathways available for their children.

Offered to: Parents

Playing with Numbers

ACU staff and students engage upper primary school students in fun activities that reinforce basic number concepts and that aim to foster an appreciation of the value of maths learning for life. 

This may include mathematics live-in camps conducted on campus. 

Has commenced in Brisbane, in development on other campuses...

Offered to: Years 4 to 6