Attainment programs aim to:

  • Enhance preparedness for university life
  • Assist academics to design and teach courses that stimulate the best learning from cohorts that have diverse needs
  • Set up programs and activities whereby all areas of the university assist students in having the best possible university experience
  • Provide the means by which students achieve results that will take them into a successful future. 

ACU Smart

This is a program designed to ease the transition from school to university and to help prepare new students for university studies. The two day course is conducted the week before orientation week in an environment which is supportive, interactive and friendly. It aims to build confidence for a successful start at ACU. 

It provides an opportunity for students to meet heads of campus, lecturers and current students. This course design comes from consultation with our TAFE partners, Academic Skills and the Faculties. In built is a peer support system whereby present ACU students support small groups of ACU Smart students throughout their first year. This course also captures students who enter ACU through direct entry programs such as PRP and ER as outlined above.

Offered to: Enrolled first year students


This is a program where present students of ACU are employed to play a support role in ACUgate and Attainment programs. These students are trained and supported by the Equity Pathways staff throughout their work. Equity Pathways advertises for students through the student 'Jobs on Campus' program.

Offered to: Enrolled first year students

Equity Pathways are supported by the following departments within the university:

Office of Student Success

Office of Student Success (OSS) includes student counselling, equity disability, careers, academic skills and campus life. These areas of OSS  work collaboratively with Equity Pathways in developing  and supporting programs for student success throughout their time at university.

Learning and Teaching Centre

Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) includes Learning Environment Online (LEO) and Information Technology (IT). These areas collaborate with Equity Pathways to  support students with their technological needs. The LTC are also active throughout the university in  developing curriculum and teaching methodology to facilitate changing cohorts of students with diverse needs.


Libraries commit to work collaboratively with Equity Pathways to support their programs wherever possible. Presently they are involved in school visits, campus tours, ACUSmart and provide resources for Uni Step-Up students.

Academic Registrar

This area of the university works to support Equity Pathways programs in developing and sustaining tracking mechanisms for the students who partake of the programs and developing systems whereby agreed different pathways to access the university are systematically devised.