These programs focus on developing relationships with primary schools, high schools and other universities. They deliver educational sessions, material and events.

Aspirations programs aim to:

  • Continue to support engaging students in their education by developing the academic skills necessary for university entrance
  • Offer several innovative and engaging online programs to develop students' knowledge of careers and the pathways available to access them
  • Provide opportunities for students to visit and use university campuses

Thinking with Maths

ACU Education staff and students engage lower secondary school students in fun activities that reinforce basic number concepts and that aim to foster an appreciation of the value of maths learning for life. 

This may include mathematics live-in camps conducted on campus.

In development-pilot stage...

Offered to: Years 7 to 9

Aspirations/Launching Days

Students and/or parents are invited to participate in a range of interactive and hands-on activities conducted by ACU staff and ACU students. The range of activities may be conducted on school sites or on the ACU campus.

Offered to: All levels, Students and parents

Shadow a Student

This program affords secondary school students the chance to experience 'a day in the life of a university student' accompanying a university student for a day, attending lectures, tutorials and practicals, sharing lunch in the cafeteria, and making use of library services. On return to school, students share their experiences and impressions with their Year Level cohort.

Offered to: Years 9, 10, 11

PD Days

Partner schools are invited to conduct their staff professional development days on the university campus. This enables staff of schools to see a university in action. It provides an interactive forum whereby staff from both schools and universities can discuss challenges that arise in transition from school to university.

Offered to: Partner Schools

My Science - Year 10 Mentors

This is where able and engaged science students of Year 10 provide mentoring support to the primary students doing the MyScience program in the neighbouring primary school. 

These Year 10 students are trained to mentor the primary students through their investigative science work. They provide support throughout the investigation, and are examples for their younger peers of students who see science as interesting, worthwhile and exciting. It also provides the mentors with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge base by embedding skills involved in investigative science and awards them for their science ability and interest.

Program linked to neighbouring primary school...Must commence Term 1 of school year. (See above) 


Offered to: Year 10

Journal Writing Program

ACU staff work with Year 7 and 8 teachers to assist them to engage their students in discussions around their future career and educational aspirations, and the pathways necessary to achieve them. 

Students are assigned an on-going journal writing exercise that asks them to reflect on and identify further their aspirations, and to articulate what is required to achieve their goals. 

A hardcopy journal is provided by ACU.

Offered to: Years 7, 8

On the Job 

A fun, interactive online program that introduces students to a broad range of careers and their potential linkages to university. Contains job profiles, games, activities, links, relevant resources and videos. 

On the Job

Offered to: Years 5 to 10

Careers Web Quest

An online interactive educational program that employs a problem-based learning approach. It is a team based activity requiring higher order thinking skills. It introduces students to a broad range of career options and to their links to higher education courses. ACUgate staff will provide in-service support to teachers prior to the program's introduction.

Careers Web Quest 

Offered to: Years 9 to 12