Equity Pathways - Widening Participation

Equity Pathways develops and builds partnerships in low socioeconomic areas with schools, educational providers and communities.

Equity Pathways through its 'ACUgate' programs aims to create students and parent awareness of higher education, raise student aspiration to higher education and provide students with a variety of pathways to access higher education.

Equity Pathways through its 'Attainment' programs aims to support students whilst at university so that they are successful and can be confident in their future careers.

Our programs

The Office expands upon the University's other equity initiatives, such as pathways programs and student support services, by offering:

Awareness programs

Awareness programs that demystify higher education for target groups by familiarising them with the everyday reality of university education and campus life.

Aspirations programs

Aspirations programs that encourage Year 5 to 10 students to consider higher education as a viable option.

Access programs

Access programs to enable students from targeted groups to enter university.

Attainment programs

Attainment programs that ensure students in targeted groups are supported during their studies.


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