19 December 2012

What is the new vision for the Canberra campus?

The new vision for Canberra is beginning to take shape with a number of opportunities and improvements identified through phase 1 of the project (Gather Input). These have been articulated into a number of scenarios or projects for further development.

Broadly speaking these projects fall into one of three (3) categories:

New or Reinvigorated Programs
  • Expansion of Allied Health Programs such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Science etc
  • Introduction of a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Social Work in partnership with CIT
  • Introduction of Secondary Education Degree in partnership with CIT
  • Establishment of a Social Wellbeing Centre
  • A new model for Education developed in collaboration with the Catholic Education Office resulting in stronger ties with Catholic schools in ACT and regions.

Greater Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stronger processes around stakeholder engagement such as the development of a stakeholder data base, development of a Government strategy etc.

Optimisation of Resources

  • Development of Blackfriars as an accommodation facility, conference centre and/or student services centre
  • Campus makeover for general improvement and repairs
  • Optimisation of spaces for teaching and learning such as effective timetabling and infrastructure improvements
  • Processes and procedures which reflect the local context within which the Canberra campus operates whilst keeping an alignment with ACU’s national framework.

View the presentation delivered by the Pro Vice-Chancellor

How were these scenarios / projects arrived at?

These opportunities have emerged from Phase 1 of the project (Gather Input) which involved considerable research to understand the current status of the Campus and potential opportunities for growth and sustainability. This information was gathered through consultation with ACU staff; senior leaders and external stakeholders; student feedback; financial analysis; market research and ACU plans such as Faculty and Master Plans.

When and how will the plan be implemented?

A team will be assigned to each project or scenario. The role of these teams is to develop each scenario more fully, identifying issues, options, costs, implementation steps and timing. This will be done in consultation with relevant stakeholders within and external to the University.

What input will staff have in the implementation of the plan?

Staff will be invited to provide feedback to options as they are developed. This will occur through the Canberra Consultation Group which includes staff and union representatives from across the Campus. Staff can also submit feedback through CanberraProject.VC@acu.edu.

In addition, staff will be consulted on an individual basis where their particular expertise in a program or operation is required.

Will there be an opportunity to recommend changes to the scenarios and projects being explored?

Options within each of these scenarios or projects can be put forward. This can be done through the Canberra Consultation Group or via CanberraProject.VC@acu.edu.

Information submitted to this email will be passed on to the relevant project team for consideration.

Who will consult with Faculties and Directorates outside of the Campus where required?

Consultation with ACU stakeholders located elsewhere in the University will be managed by the Project Team, the Acting Pro Vice Chancellor (David Craig) or Business Development Director (David Williams) depending on the issue(s) to be discussed.

Who will consult with other stakeholders in Canberra?

The Acting Pro Vice Chancellor &/ or Business Development Director will lead external stakeholder discussions, in partnership with other ACU leaders where required.

Will there be changes to the structure of the Campus?

Potential changes to organisation structure and roles are not known at this stage.

Options will be considered, and staff will be consulted as soon as feasible during this process. Once options have been endorsed by the Canberra Steering Group and Vice Chancellor, a Campus Workforce Plan will be developed. The Workforce Plan will identify the workforce required to deliver the new initiatives and new ways of working (roles, number of staff, skill sets, training etc), and to look at ways in which current staff can be accommodated in this new operation.

How will this plan impact jobs?

As mentioned above, the intention is to accommodate existing staff into the new operation.
Changes to structure and jobs are not known at this point in time and will be determined once the scenarios are more fully developed and endorsed.